Zakaj je potrebno v času krize razmišljati strateško?

Če se sprašujete, kako hitro se boste lahko vrnili v stare tirnice, vas lahko pomirim, da to ne bo še tako hitro. Ali bolje, niti tisti, ki bi to morali vedeti ali bi se morali vsaj približati neki oceni, tega ne vedo. Kot lahko beremo, se napovedi spreminjajo iz dneva v dan, in le skupina … More Zakaj je potrebno v času krize razmišljati strateško?

Power and Leadership

When we talk about power in the context of leadership (DuBrin, 2013, p.4), we can borrow Foucault’s idea of relationship. Those, who possess power, have also the ability to shape his followers’ behaviour with threat of violence, financial leash, and authority in the social context and politics (Alsobaie, 2015, p.155). Foucault believed that power cannot exist without freedom, while according to Max Weber, another defines power as “the actual enactment of violence and/or the violation of a person’s physical space.” … More Power and Leadership

Mourinho’s leadership style

Mourinho is a charismatic football manager from Portugal, who proved himself as an effective leader if criterion is titles he won with his teams. He is one of the most controversial football managers, who managed to become not only a successful manager, but also a leader. His statement, that he will leave his position only if he loses players’ trust, puts him in a clear position of a leader who knows what he needs to complete his job (n.d., 2015). … More Mourinho’s leadership style