Igor Vlacic, MSc OBP – Founder and Owner of Neuroagencija d.o.o. is a certified neurolinguistic programming coach and expert in organizational and business psychology. He is a committed advocate of constant change management and positive psychology. The specialty it builds is an interdisciplinary approach to identifying and solving problems, and above all, it relies on the measurability of all phenomena that build an individual’s perception. It translates experience in sports, communication and psychology into an innovative approach to guiding individuals through the process of change. He is also a co-creator of neuro-paradigm in the field of communication in the Balkans. In his Masters of Science thesis in Organizational and Business Psychology at University of Liverpool, he explored the role of trust in gender differences in workplace stress.

Neuroagencija d.o.o. was established in 2011 with a view to presenting an alternative to the classic communications approach in the Balkans market. The company acts as an advisory platform in the field of communication, business solutions, lobbying, and the specialty is the various campaigns, where the knowledge of neuroscience is applied in the very phase of analysis and strategy as well as in the final implementation. Communication and HR are naturally related dimensions of a company that only achieves the desired effects through mutual management, which is why we develop customized change management programs for our clients.